Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Time Change & Frost Delays

The recent time change caused both disruption to our sleep pattern and our golf habits, so how does daylight 'savings' affect Golf Courses and is it a positive thing?  The short answer is NO.
After November (and this year the first frost came in October) even North Texas battles cold mornings, which are less desirable for golfers and can cause starting time issues due to frost.

OFF SEASON HOURS begin when daylight savings starts and ends, while the sun is coming up sooner it doesn't equal earlier start times due to necessary adjustments:
1. Demand for sunrise tee times is reduced due to colder temps
2. Maintenance staff is reduced to prepare for off season, course set up for 36 holes is still required, but with a skeleton crew 
3. Frost delays must be managed
4. Overall facility resources are reduced to align with less demand


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