Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Lakes Course Renovation: June Update

Green complexes are all in the process of reconstruction while cart paths are being framed, poured and smoothed around the entire course.  Main lines are in, lateral lines will be the next phase of the irrigation project.  A short delay is expected due to excessive rain days.  Will continue to update as the next 6 weeks unfolds.

Construction Foremen, Architect, Superintendent and General Manager all meet weekly to approve the green complex layout and other details of the project.

Painted lines indicate drainage map 

Elevation changes labeled to maintain contouring

Drainage going in and rock layer being dumped and spread

The top layer of sand mix finishes the USGA specs for new greens

Cart paths are being framed, poured, smoothed and finished 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

PRO TIP: Find the right clubs for you

‘Get Fit’ in 30 minutes – A club fitting experience is quick, easy and fun!  Clubs that are fit to your physical makeup and swing will make you better, no matter your skill level your equipment should be the best fit for you. 

Here are key benefits you will get from a Fitting at Indian Creek…
  • True Conditions – an outdoor experience is the best way to see ball flight and feel your natural swing
  • Knowledge – learn about the latest technology from expert fitters and trusted local professionals 
  • Reassurance – a Demo/Fitting day gives you a chance to try before you buy and check to see if new equipment outperforms your current clubs
  • Confidence – knowing if your equipment is working for you (or against you) is the key to consistency and optimizing distance through better ball striking

Here are potential misses that could indicate your clubs DON’T FIT…

Incorrect club length could cause:
  • Inconsistent misses(i.e. frequent chunked and thin shots)
  • Feeling fidgety at address like you are too far away or too close to the ball
  • Consistent misses on the toe or heel of the club (check grass/wear marks)
  • Losing posture before and during the swing
Incorrect grip size could cause:
  • Unable to achieve proper grip (hard to correct weak or strong placement)
  • Consistent misses to the right (if too big), misses to the left (if too small) 
Incorrect lie angle causes:
  • If too flat = misses right
  • If too upright = misses left
Incorrect weight/shaft flex:
  • Loss distance and trajectory (ball flight too low) = club is too heavy
  • Loss of direction = Excessive spin allows ball to curve sharply or go too high = club is too light

Thursday, May 2, 2019

What lies beneath...

There is more to restoring green complexes than you might think!  Here is the April update from the Lakes renovation at Indian Creek GC.

USGA Greens are happening
Hole #10 drainage was installed beneath the layers of gravel, soil mix, and sand, check out our latest video below to see more renovation footage.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lakes Renovation Update: 3/27

The latest from our Lakes renovation drone fly over shows amazing progress since January!

  • Hole #1 tee box was regraded and lowered to make tee banks less steep, this benefits mowers and golfers 
  • Tee box renovations near completion - reshaping and grading continues then all will get a top layer of organic material taken from adjacent green complexes 
  • The repair and replacement of major drain lines will improve overall drainage on the Lakes course.  Old collapsed and clogged pipes have been unearthed during the deconstruction phase and large pipes are being replaced and added where needed. 
  • Hole #16 fairway has been regraded and lowered to allow for visibility of the landing area from the tee box 
  • Hole #18 is totally stripped down at this point, a slight redesign will benefit all players…starting with a better angled tee box and more shapely and strategic water features, finishing with a more approachable green complex.  All approaches to greens will be designed for a more golfer-friendly experience, with less severe slopes that allow shots to run up to the green.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lakes Renovation Update

March came ‘In like a Lion’ but the Lakes renovation team is rolling along smoothly...

- Cart Paths are completely removed
- Irrigation main lines laid out
- Tee boxes graded, shaped, prepped for sprigging Bermuda grass
- Greens excavation - organic material gets removed and recycled to the new tee tops which helps grow in efforts
Photos tell it best...

‘Across the pond’
Regrading the fairway on #16 allows players to see the water hazard from the tee box, this is a view from 8 fairway looking across to the new lower fairway on 16.

‘Tee Time’
A perspective from the expanded and regraded #1 tee...Each set of tees will have its own unique angle to custom fit the drive.

‘Droning on’
More drone flyover footage is in production!

‘Signature Hole’
A glimpse through the trees to #15 tee...a new contender for the  Lakes Course’s featured Par 3!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lakes Course Renovation Update

We are well into the first Phase of renovation on the Lakes Course.
Here’s what’s up… Big equipment means Big changes
Ø  Cart Path tear out and removal
Ø  Irrigation trenching and new piping ready for install
Ø  Tee complex leveling and reshaping
Ø  Heavy equipment moving between projects

We’ll have fresh flyover footage for you each month, so you too can join us in following this awesome transformation!  What’s next you ask?  Stay tuned to the blog, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more perspectives.  The next Phase will encompass installation of lateral irrigation lines and heads, routing new cart paths, and continued ‘dirt work’ (as we call it). 

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and your patience as the #LakesCourseRenovation takes shape! 

Indian Creek Golf Club from Indian Creek GC on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Press Release: Lakes Renovation

Indian Creek Golf Club Anticipates Summer 2019 Completion for Course Renovations

Carrollton, Texas – Thanks to a May 2018 bond election, the City of Carrollton Parks & Recreation Department was awarded $22 million earmarked for facilities and parks. Of this, Indian Creek Golf Club was approved $4 million to update the 80-acre Lakes Course.

Golfers can look forward to a grand scale makeover to include new cart paths, a modern irrigation system, leveled and smoothed out tees and fairways plus brand new greens. This renovation will result in a more sustainable maintenance program and will dramatically enhance the recreational experience and enjoyment for all golfers who visit the Lakes Course at Indian Creek Golf Club.

Work for Phase I began Friday, December 14 and will continue through March 2019, with much of the focus on the deconstruction of tees, greens, cart paths and the existing irrigation system.  The second part of Phase I will continue with grading and shaping tees and fairways, installing mainline irrigation, as well as constructing 7’ concrete cart paths.  The project also includes greens reconstruction per United States Golf Association (USGA) specifications to uphold healthy sustainable turf conditions; in addition, this will restore the intended design and shape of each green complex as mowing patterns and time lends to deterioration of original features.

Phase II is scheduled to begin in March 2019 and will primarily involve finish work. A hole-by-hole systems check will prompt the reseeding effort for all renovated turf areas. As a final step, after reseeding is completed, Indian Creek’s maintenance team will manage the grow-in process.

For more information on these exciting improvements, visit indiancreekgolfclub.com.

Pictured: Lakes Course #13 tee box being prepped for design and reshaping.