Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Proper Range Maintenance

A word on proper range maintenance and how you can help! Which divot pattern do you think will heal faster?  A or B? Image A: The ‘Line’ or  Image B: The ‘Patch’?

Image A
Image B

In Image A you see a narrow pattern which leaves less area for the Bermuda to have to span as it works to grow in again, this line will heal quickly, whereas the ‘Patch’ takes twice as long to heal and leaves golfers with less and lower quality turf to hit from. 
So to help healing and preserve the tee line for better conditions please use the example shown in Image A the ‘Line’ as your practice pattern for faster healing and healthier turf.

Filling divots with sand allows the Bermuda something to latch onto for faster growth and quicker recovery from turf damage.
  Our staff works to fill divots with sand bottles, as we all do our part to help the healing process and get grass to spread in faster!  When you have the time please use the provided sand bottles to fill divots on tee boxes, fairways and the driving range.

The light green patches are old divots with new Bermuda growth, it’s amazing what fertilizer and proper turf care can do!  If everyone does their part when it comes to the recovery process we’ll have more grass to play from and better range conditions overall!