Friday, October 2, 2020

 Tis the season! To overseed that is…

Each fall we are presented with a 1-2 week optimal window (in October) when we can begin to grow winter rye.  The greener look of this cool season grass is aesthetically pleasing for sure, but also allows turf to grow on tee boxes and the range top during the early spring.  This allows for more playable conditions and practice areas in March and April. The ‘cost’ is not only in the seed itself, but the process requires prepping the turf for spreading seed.  There are two strategies we employ, one is to mow down (scalp) the area to give seed a head start towards soil contact and successful germination, the other is to simply drop the seed and add water!  

The seed needs sun (chlorophyll) and water to get going so getting it down before DST is crucial, plus we have been afforded a dry forecast which allows seed to stay where we want it to grow.  Untimely rains can cause seed to be washed away, so a dry spell and cooling temps have given us our optimal window.  If you are considering cultivating a green lawn this winter, now is the time to overseed!

At Indian Creek Golf Club, the Creek course tee boxes plus lawn and practice areas will be overseeded, while the Bermuda fairways will not be.  This allows for weed prevention practices to take place, as overseeding prevents this ‘clean up’ step in our turfcare plan, so for this off season we will allow fairways to go dormant to focus on weed control.  The course will play ‘faster’ due to the lack of growth during the off season, so plan to step back to the next set of tees or simply enjoy shots that roll out farther and a course that plays shorter!

Overseeded fairways don't play as fast and don't allow for weed control practices. But they sure look good!


Friday, August 7, 2020

Aerification: Getting good greens requires a few bumps!

Most courses in DFW schedule a summer aerification to help relieve compaction, this season we completed greens aerification on the Creek course July 8th and the Lakes course on July 22nd. ‘Opening’ up the greens allows roots to grow deeper and stronger to help sustain turf despite short mow heights, heavy maintenance equipment, foot traffic and other elemental wear and tear.   Our crew did a beautiful job, the greens are looking and rolling fantastic!  As the latest photos show we are enjoying lush smooth putting surfaces. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Bunker Renovation Complete
The bunker removal on the par 3 Hole #5 on the Creek Course is a wrap!
This necessary step will keep rising creek water from
washing out bunker sand during and after heavy rain events.
The long term cost savings for repairs and
greater playability were the main goals for the project.
Here is the start to finish look at the project…

Resodding dormant bermuda - Day 4
Bunker removal begins - Day 1

The new view from #5 tee - Creek Course greening up!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

World Handicap System

Hello Golfers,

The World Handicap System is new for 2020!  Here are some of the most relevant changes.

And don’t forget, handicap dues must be renewed annually, the season ended February 28th!
All members will go ‘inactive’ on 2/28 and can call (972) 466-9850 or stop by the Golf Shop or go online to renew!

Non-member Price: $40 (plus tax)

Member Price: $30 (plus tax)

Friday, January 31, 2020


We are getting the dry stretch we needed to make the final touches and mow out
the Lakes course for reopening next week!

Friday February 7th is the lucky day! (Weather permitting of course)
Call the Golf Shop to book your tee times (972) 466-9850
If the phone lines are as HOT as we think they’ll be, don’t forget you can search for times and BOOK ONLINE at

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Looking forward to 2020!

After a long 2019 season, we are excited to announce the reopening of the Lakes course this January.  All of us have been patiently waiting for Mother Nature and all the elements needed to come together for the course to reopen, now we are finally ready to cross the finish line.  

Early next week we will have new GPS installed plus technology updates to help manage traffic for optimal turf care, once this step is complete the course will open for a preview of the NEW cart paths, greens, fairways and tees.  Timing is based on the completion of the GPS install so please stay updated by following us on one of our social media channels or DOWNLOAD THE APP to receive an instant notification when the tee sheet opens for tee time booking.  Tee times can also be booked online for a special ‘preview’ rate!

Speaking of new cart paths…we will remain Path Only until turf grass is matured and can handle daily traffic.  In the meantime, we will happily get some extra steps in to help fulfill those New Year resolutions to get more in shape!  

Check out the latest drone flyover footage from December to get the ‘before and after’ feel of the Lakes course renovation.  The winter rye overseed project is giving us a beautiful green landscape to inspire more winter golf!