Friday, August 9, 2019

Pro Tip: Staying cool - keep yourself looking AND feeling healthy!

Many golfers and golf students work in an indoor environment and people can suffer from heat illness this time of year when they are unprepared or not acclimated to the 90-100 degree temps

We want our golfers to stay healthy, happy and stylish so here are some important reminders for preparing for outdoor activity, especially for a prolonged period of time! 🥵

Wear light fabrics and be sure to find athletic wear that breathes or has moisture-wicking capability.

Make headwear do double duty, it protects skin from UV damage and keeps you cooler!

Pre hydrate!  All of us on the professional staff at Indian Creek ensure we drink at least a gallon of water during the 12 hours prior to going out in the elements for golf lessons, playing or just hanging outside.  Then when we’re out there…a minimum 8oz of WATER every 3 holes = 48oz during your round or 12oz/hour.  Depends on how much you sweat so consult with your medical team for your optimal hydration goals.

Our favorites of the moment…

Columbia Golf makes ultra-light fabric golf shirts and are in stock, we love the ‘fishing’ inspired button-up and the light moisture-wicking fabrics!

Grab some cheap sunglasses, but be sure they have UVA/UVB protection like these.  We offer different lenses and styles to suit your golf game.


Full coverage bucket-style sun hats look stylish AND save your skin!

Ice Rays arm sleeves and No Sweat hat liners save you from annoying sunscreen application…it can get a bit slick when you’re trying to grip a club and see your ball through stinging eyes.