Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Involuntary Bunker Makeover

Bunker work continues after the rainy winter and mini flood event in late February.  All but a small number are now refilled and groomed, ready to capture your ball and set you up for a great ‘sandy’ or a dastardly bogey.

This shows before new sand and additional labor arrived, the aftermath of flood water had exposed the liners of our upgraded ‘Better Billy’ bunkers, so silt had to be removed and sand added back. 

Pricey sand box! (Six loads of sand can cost in excess of $8,000)

Bunker work is costly and requires serious labor on a daily basis as each gets groomed every morning.  When Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate it becomes an unplanned expense…and all so golfers get penalized for errant shots. Bunkers do provide a mental hurdle for most golfers and also highlight the creative vision of many great course designers….for better or worse!