Friday, October 19, 2018

Record Breaking Precipitation

The last 72 hours we received an additional 2.5” of rain, accumulation of another .75” is expected in the next 24 hours bringing totals for the month of October to record levels.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Drought or Drenched

It has been a rainy start to fall 2018, record-setting, in fact.
We are continuing to work through these weather set-backs as best as we can, but our cycle this season has been drought or drenched, a real challenge for managing turf. 
As many locals know our rain gauges overfloweth as fall has come in like an angry elephant!

Indian Creek Golf Club opened in 1985, nineteen of those years had above-average annual rainfall, with the past 4 consecutive years adding to that number.  Last month’s 12+ inches is only rivaled by the great flood spurred by 16” of unwelcome rain in May 2015.

Hole 12 with normal rainfall

                                                        Hole 12 after 12" of rain