Tuesday, May 21, 2019

PRO TIP: Find the right clubs for you

‘Get Fit’ in 30 minutes – A club fitting experience is quick, easy and fun!  Clubs that are fit to your physical makeup and swing will make you better, no matter your skill level your equipment should be the best fit for you. 

Here are key benefits you will get from a Fitting at Indian Creek…
  • True Conditions – an outdoor experience is the best way to see ball flight and feel your natural swing
  • Knowledge – learn about the latest technology from expert fitters and trusted local professionals 
  • Reassurance – a Demo/Fitting day gives you a chance to try before you buy and check to see if new equipment outperforms your current clubs
  • Confidence – knowing if your equipment is working for you (or against you) is the key to consistency and optimizing distance through better ball striking

Here are potential misses that could indicate your clubs DON’T FIT…

Incorrect club length could cause:
  • Inconsistent misses(i.e. frequent chunked and thin shots)
  • Feeling fidgety at address like you are too far away or too close to the ball
  • Consistent misses on the toe or heel of the club (check grass/wear marks)
  • Losing posture before and during the swing
Incorrect grip size could cause:
  • Unable to achieve proper grip (hard to correct weak or strong placement)
  • Consistent misses to the right (if too big), misses to the left (if too small) 
Incorrect lie angle causes:
  • If too flat = misses right
  • If too upright = misses left
Incorrect weight/shaft flex:
  • Loss distance and trajectory (ball flight too low) = club is too heavy
  • Loss of direction = Excessive spin allows ball to curve sharply or go too high = club is too light

Thursday, May 2, 2019

What lies beneath...

There is more to restoring green complexes than you might think!  Here is the April update from the Lakes renovation at Indian Creek GC.

USGA Greens are happening
Hole #10 drainage was installed beneath the layers of gravel, soil mix, and sand, check out our latest video below to see more renovation footage.