Friday, September 8, 2017

Grub Control

What can make a pristine fairway (or lawn) like this…

Look like this?

As we rolled into August, not only did Pre Season football kick off, but so did Grub season!

Many have asked the question, ‘what is happening on some tees and fairways?’  The simple answer is skunks and armadillos have an appetite for grubs, and we have plenty for them to find!  Our grub control program has begun with applications of Imidacloprid in the affected areas.  The areas closer to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River (holes on the Creek like 14 & 15) get the most activity, as there are areas of vegetation along it, which make a comfortable home for these critters.  Other pests like ants will also be affected so we can control the mounded anthills on fairways and tees.

Next month:  Weed Control