Wednesday, October 2, 2019


We can only hope the weather starts to cooperate with golfers here in Texas…it’s been a rough couple seasons between excessive rain and this September’s mini drought plus record-setting heat!

The Lakes renovation project has been affected by the wet, then dry, hot weather rollercoaster. After 60+ lost workdays the sprigging effort was pushed back to mid August, six weeks behind schedule. When the final sprigs went down conditions were less than ideal with high soil temps and dry layers of clay. Despite these challenges the majority of fairways are growing in nicely as are greens and tee complexes. The final step now is overseeding (winter ryegrass) all fairways on the Lakes course to get it playable and ready for golfer traffic (divots, maintenance and other demands on the turf). Overseeding requires proper (not too hot or cold) temps so we will delay until a cooler forecast becomes reality and allows the winter rye to germinate.

We are ready and know you are too, but we continue to be patient and wait for the weather to give us a break. While we are disappointed weather issues have hindered progress, there is much to look forward to and we keep saying it…‘good things come to those who wait’! The new cart paths are beautiful and ride like a dream, this along with level tees, smoothed out fairways and smart architectural details all combine to promise a new and improved experience for our players to enjoy. Stay tuned for reopening updates (fingers crossed for mid-November)…we post the latest on Facebook and via the Indian Creek APP ‘Course News’ section.