Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Overseed Project Results

Here at Indian Creek GC’s Creek Course the overseed project wrapped up in October and we are now seeing the fruits of that labor as the fairways and tee boxes are green and lush with winter rye grass.

The project took place over 4 days as the crew seeded 40+ acres using 24,000 pounds of seed to cover the tee boxes, fairways, driving range and chipping area.  Getting the winter rye to germinate requires a lot of watering, a bit of cooperation from mother nature (so the seed doesn't get washed away in a torrential storm) and management of cart traffic while the seedlings fight to sprout!  

While it is a significant investment overseeding provides premium conditions during the winter months.  Golfers enjoy the look of the defined fairways and the lush turf helps preserve the integrity of the course layout.  The warm season Bermuda grass will start to spread again in May or June depending on how fast we warm up this spring, effectively it chokes out the winter rye and takes back over for the hot summer months!