Monday, October 2, 2017

Weed Control: Fall / Winter

Whether it’s a homeowner’s lawn or a golf course, weeds are unwanted aesthetically and pesky for golfers who expect a good lie in the fairway!  Pre emergent weed control is a common practice for Golf Course Superintendents, but perhaps not as much at home.

At ICGC we have approx 115 acres of turf where weed control is essential, a relatively inexpensive commercial grade pre emergent can cost up to $30/acre.  So for the fall pre emergent application we budget $3000-$3500. 

The photos below show a plot treated with and without weed prevention and the difference is clear, so unless you have goats roaming your yard, here are recommendations for fall/winter lawn care specific to North Dallas.
The facts from a Texas Coop Extension expert: 
  • Apply pre emergent in early to mid September (weather dependent, if too hot and dry wait a couple more weeks)
    • Ensure you purchase the correct material for your lawn type
    • Water a good half inch within 1-2 days
  • Annual winter weeds may require a post emergent application, because the best time to treat is fall and early winter while they are actively growing.
    • Allow material to dry a couple days, then mow
Weedy dormant bermudagrass

Plot of turf untreated vs. treated

Dormant bermudagrass sans the weeds